Add Single-Digit Integers | Thanksgiving | Cryptogram Puzzle | Prealgebra

Are you looking for a no prep alternative assessment activity or extra practice to Add Integers? With this engaging cryptogram worksheets, students will practice targeted math skills by adding single-digit integers and filling out the mystery message or joke – with a fun Thanksgiving flair!


This quiz alternative will appeal to all students, including homeschooled, general ed, and gifted and talented students.

In this PDF, you get:

  • 1 cryptogram puzzle with 26 integer addition problems
  • 2 print options – full color or black and white
  • Answer Keys
  • Encrypted jokes (guaranteed to bring a smile or laugh!)

Required Teacher Preparation & Grading

Zero prep! Simply print and distribute!

Instead of grading completed worksheets or reviewing answers to assess proficiency levels; skill mastery can be determined by who got the joke.

How to use the cryptograms in your classroom

These can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom including:

  • A class-wide alternative to a traditional worksheet
  • Homework
  • Fun challenge for early finishers
  • Extra practice
  • Review
  • Station activity

Ideal for Gifted & Talented Students

I work exclusively with gifted and talented students who are often accelerated in math. I have several who don’t like to ask for help or admit that they don’t know everything. However, they are often happy to report a ‘mistake’ in the cryptogram because they believe that two questions have the same answer or that the decoded message has a spelling error. These reports are a great non-threatening way to identify students who need a little extra help while the students are working on the cryptogram rather than waiting until after they complete a worksheet, and it is graded.

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