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From this point forward, all essays will be grading with a “writing rubric.’  This grading rubric will change throughout the year. As you learn more, expectations will increase.  You will always be given advance notice when a change or addition is made to the grading rubric.  The grading rubric will also change when we try out different styles of writing such as personal essays, persuasive writing, and creative writing.

Use this grading rubric (Essay Writing Grading Rubric) as a guide when writing your rough and final drafts for papers.  Keep a copy in your binder and review each standard before, during, and after writing a draft.  When you are writing your rough draft, do not simply ignore the standards for the final draft.  Keeping the end goal in mind will result in a higher quality paper and more growth throughout the year. 

Your rough drafts will be graded on a 20-point scale, and your final drafts will be graded on a 30-point scale.    

The essay writing course will be changed to a “free-form” course.  Should you choose not to complete an assignment in a timely manner, a grade of “0” will be placed into the system.  I will not grade, revise, or edit any submissions made more than 5 days after the original submission deadline.