COVID-19 Library Check Out

With libraries and schools closed, access to books is limited.  We’re offering no-contact pick-up services for library books and games.

Picking Books:  Please visit to browse our library collection.  We’ll do our best to fill your orders; however, we may have to provide substitutions to meet demands.  Pick-up will be on Saturday, April 4th.   We’ll send you a link to schedule a specific pick-up time.

Game Loans: If you’d like to borrow  some of our games, you can!  We’ll pick out a couple of games and activities suitable for your child.  Due to limited availability, we’re not able to offer an “order form” for our games.  We’ll pick out a few games and activities suitable for your child’s learning level.  Due to the cost of replacing these games, we are asking that you put down an additional $50 deposit for this service.  This deposit will be returned when all games and pieces are returned. If you select this option, we’ll send you a PayPal link for the deposit.

Pick Up: In order to facilitate socially distanced pick-up, pick-ups will be OUTSIDE at our new location, 3059 Englishtown Road in Monroe Twp, NJ.  Please understand that this site is still under construction. Your child’s books and games will be bundled together.  Just drive up, grab the bundle with your child’s name, and enjoy!  You may also return any books that your child has finished in the return bin.

Please note, this is not an opportunity to socialize, explore the new location, or converse with us.  If you have questions for us,  please call or e-mail us.

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