Engaging 3rd Grade Multiplication Activities

Are you looking for fun ways for your 3rd-grade students to practice single-digit multiplication? Check out these resources!

Mystery Message Task Cards

The secret message provides a fun element to the activity and motivates students to find and correct mistakes. This twist on “I have…Who has?” will appeal to all students, including homeschool, general ed, and gifted and talented students. In each set, you will get 32 task cards.


  • 32 task cards 
  • Easy to print task card “backs” for sorting and storage.
  • Encrypted secret message
  • Author’s Insights for Use

Multiplication Up to 4×10 with Addition and Subtraction within 1,000

Multiplication Up to 6×10

Multiplication Up to 10×10

Multiplication Up to 12 x 12

Multiplication and Division Cryptograms

Are you looking for a no prep alternative assessment activity or fact fluency practice for 3rd grade multiplication and division facts? With these engaging cryptogram worksheets, students will practice targeted math skills by solving equations and filling out the mystery message or joke!


This quiz alternative will appeal to all students, including homeschool, general ed, and gifted and talented students.

In this PDF, you will get 32 printable pages + bonus teacher pages:


  • 8 unique cryptogram puzzles: 26 problems each featuring leveled skills in multiplication and division.
  • 2 print options – full color or black and white
  • Answer Keys
  • Encrypted jokes (guarantied to bring a smile or laugh!)
  • Author’s Insights for Use

This resource includes the following skill sets:

  1. Multiplication Facts to 4 X 10
  2. Multiplication Facts to 6 X 10
  3. Multiplication Facts to 10 X 10 Version I
  4. Multiplication Facts to 10 X 10 Version II
  5. Division with No Remainders
  6. Division with Remainders
  7. Multiplication and Division to 10 X 10
  8. Multiplication Facts to 12 X 12

Looking for an effective program to make sure your students master their math facts? Check out our FULL YEAR Bundle of 3rd Grade Math MInutes

HEROES Academy’s 3rd Grade Math Minutes Program is a full year individually paced program to ensure that each student masters 3rd Grade addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and skills. The 3rd Grade Math Minutes program is designed to develop mathematical fluency in students by allowing teachers to easily provide math practice and to administer weekly assessments working on different math skill levels. The HEROES Academy 3rd Grade Math Minutes program has a built-in reward system using printable stickers. It’s easy and affordable to implement in your classroom, it motivates students to pass their weekly challenges, and it provides an easy visual reference of each student’s progress.

The 3rd Grade Math Minutes Program consists of 10 challenge levels. Students earn one sticker each time they pass a challenge exam. They must earn all three stickers for one level before advancing to the next level. Students must pass 30 weekly challenges during the year to complete the program.

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