Fantastic Baby Toys (0 – 3 Months)

Nuby Teething Blanket

Noah loves this teething cloth.  We have the lion. It’s 9.5″ x 9.5″.  It crinkles, and the animal in the center has a squeaker inside.  The holes in the corner teething pieces make it easy for him to control what part of the blanket he’s chewing on. Babies that haven’t yet figured out how to clench objects in their fingers can still “clap” the fabric between their hands to crinkle the fabric and bring it to their mouth for chewing, drooling on, etc.  

Lovevery Play Gym

I hesitate to continue recommending Lovevery as I’ve had a recent run-in with their customer service that left me not-so-happy with them.  They’re currently changing some of their distribution centers which has delayed shipment (which I understand!), but they’ve insisted on billing me regardless of whether or not they’re shipping products out, and they’re wouldn’t cancel the orders either.  The issue was (thankfully) eventually resolved, but it took way too much time and energy to resolve.  Nevertheless, I still love their products.  I have multiple different play gyms for Noah, and I actually ended up getting a second one of these.  

The toy with the bell caught his interest first.  He loves kicking the bell, and he’s advanced from kicking it with both feet at a time to intentionally alternating his feet.  He’s also gaining interest in the ball now, and it’s fun to see how he plays with the elements differently.  He focuses on the ball, making it spin, kicking it between his feet, and sometimes grabbing it with both feet.  At 3 months old, he’s just now starting to discover the “edge” elements.  He gets really excited when I use his feet to hit the squeaker, but he’s currently a bit frustrated that he can’t make it squeak on his own.  He’s also starting to enjoy the different textures on one side.  He doesn’t have any interest in the color panel or the hide-and-seek teether panel yet.  



The Play Gym can now be purchased from Target too. 

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer

We have a few different bouncers and swings.  The Fisher Price Baby Bouncer is the cheapest and, honestly, the most useful.  It’s lightweight and easy to tote around.  It provides me with a place to put Noah down when I don’t want to lie him on the floor and can’t hold him.  At around 2 months of age, this started to become a “toy” to him; he can make it bounce on his own, and that makes him giggle! 

Gerber Cloth Diapers

I fully recognize that prefold cloth diapers are not toys, but Noah sure thinks they are!  These have been his favorite toys for at least a month, and they double as burp/spit-up rags.  He loves to chew on them, throw them, and scrunch them up.  They work for a quick game of peek-a-boo too.  They’re convenient for me, fun for him, and very affordable!  

Fisher Price Swing

We have an older version of this; it was handed down, and Noah loves it.  He also has a Graco Swing, but he definitely prefers this one.  He likes to stare in the mirror above him and watch the mobile spin.  The Graco one has a few toys that dangle, and it doesn’t captivate his interest as much.  This swing does get to some pretty high speeds, but Noah seems to love the “thrill ride.”  


Babies aren’t technically supposed to sleep in these swings, but this was also the ONLY place Noah would sleep without me holding him for the first week.  

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