It Takes A Village

Today I found myself overwhelmed with joy with the simplicity of receiving a student’s writing assignment.  This student has been difficult to encourage throughout the semester, reluctant to complete the work or focus his attention on the discussions in class. He had a lot to say about the topic but it was not translating into his writing.  As a teacher, it was becoming frustrating to watch a student with so much potential refuse to take advantage of the opportunity before him.  I was struggling to figure out how to unveil the inspiration in this student to yearn to learn, expand his education and take pride in his own work.

A short fifteen minute conversation with him and his mother worked miracles for this student.  I was earnest in telling them that I truly wanted to help his writing, to help him find the motivation to write and to develop a mature writing voice.  As an educator, the most rewarding moment is when a student finally has their “moment” where everything seems to click.  He not only submitted his homework on time, but early, complete with a strong, well worded argument with intricate support and details.  His writing improved leaps and bounds from where it was just the week before simply by putting that added effort in. 

This is the type of inspiration I hope to instill in all of my students, to not only encourage them to expand upon their interests but to find their inner motivation to excel in every realm of education.  This student simply needed to feel like his work was appreciated and that his excellence would be acknowledged.  I seek to find out what each individual student needs to succeed academically and emotionally to help them grow in every realm of their lives. 

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