Long Multiplication with Single Digit Factors | Mystery Message Task Cards


Are you looking for a fun hands-on activity for 4th Grade Long Multiplication with Single Digit Factors? With these engaging math mystery message task cards, students will practice targeted math skills by solving equations and decoding the secret message!

This quiz alternative will appeal to all students, including homeschool, general ed, and gifted and talented students.

In this PDF, you will get 32 task cards.

  • 32 unique task cards for 4th Grade Long Multiplication with Single Digit Factors
  • Easy to print task card “backs” for sorting and storage.
  • Encrypted secret message
  • Author’s Insights for Use

Required Teacher Preparation & Grading

I recommend printing on cardstock and laminating so that these task cards can be used over and over again. By laminating the cards, students can do their work on the cards, and each card includes a space to write their solution. The 8.5″ x 11″ page is easily cut into 4 task cards. An additional border is included if you’d like to cut them down to 4″ x 6″ to fit in a photo storage container.

How to use the task cards in your classroom

These can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom including:

  • A class-wide alternative to a traditional worksheet
  • Fun challenge for early finishers
  • Extra practice
  • Review
  • Station activity

Ideal for Gifted & Talented Students

I work exclusively with gifted and talented students who are often accelerated in math. I have several who don’t like to ask for help or admit that they don’t know everything. However, they are often happy to report a ‘mistake’ in the cryptogram because they believe that two questions have the same answer or that the decoded message has a spelling error. These reports are a great non-threatening way to identify students who need a little extra help while the students are working on the cryptogram rather than waiting until after they complete a worksheet, and it is graded.


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