Multi-Digit Multiplication | Cryptogram Puzzles | 5th Grade Math


Are you looking for a no prep alternative assessment activity or practice for 5th grade multi-digit multiplication problems? With these engaging cryptogram worksheets, students will practice targeted math skills by solving equations and filling out the mystery message or joke!


This quiz alternative will appeal to all students, including homeschool, general ed, and gifted and talented students.


In this PDF, you will get 32 printable pages + bonus teacher pages:


  • 8 unique cryptogram puzzles: 26 problems each featuring leveled skills in multiplying multi-digit numbers.
  • 2 print options – full color or black and white
  • Answer Keys
  • Encrypted jokes (guarantied to bring a smile or laugh!)
  • Author’s Insights for Use



This resource includes the following eight cryptograms:


  1. Fall Multiplication Review for 5th Grade (4th Grade Multiplication)
  2. 3-Digits X 2-Digits
  3. Multiplication up to 3-Digits X 2-Digits
  4. 4-Digits X 2-Digits
  5. Multiplication up to 4-Digits X 2-Digits
  6. 3-Digits X 3-Digits
  7. Multiplication up to 3-Digits X 3-Digits (Version 1)
  8. Multiplication up to 3-Digits X 3-Digits (Version 2)


Required Teacher Preparation & Grading


Zero prep! Simply print and distribute!


Instead of grading completed worksheet or reviewing answers to assess proficiency levels; skill mastery can be determined by who got the joke.



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