Characteristics of Gifted Children

Fast Learner

Gifted children tend to pick up new concepts and ideas faster, and with less repetition, than their peers.  

High Information Processing

High processing speeds allow gifted children to process information faster and more accurately than their peers.  Gifted children often process more information in the same amount of time as their peers.  This allows them to master topics and new material at a faster pace than other children.  It also helps gifted children make deeper connections across disciplines.  This does not always equate to high processing speed as assessed on IQ tests.


Does it seem as if your child never forgets anything?  You might be right.  Many gifted children retain information with less repetition, and they will remember it for longer periods of time.


Does your child ask questions constantly?  Do they always want to know “how” or “why?”  

Abstract Thoughts

Gifted children are often “out of the box” thinkers.  They may draw striking conclusions across disciplines or express deep insights from a very young age.


Creativity does not always equate to artistic ability.  Gifted children are often creative thinkers. They might be inventive, have a strong sense of humor, or have a strong imagination.

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