Math Facts

Math is not about crunching numbers; true math is about pattern recognition and logic.  This does not mean mastering basic calculations is not important.  Learning math facts is like learning the alphabet.  A child who must sound out words, syllable by syllable is not able to comprehend a reading passage.  Likewise, a child who struggles to complete basic computations is not able to recognize new mathematical relationships.  

There is nothing complicated about teaching your child math facts.  It’s just a matter of time on task.  The HEROES math facts challenge asks students to spend approximately 2 minutes per day working on math facts.  It’s simple to use at home or in your classroom.  Each math facts worksheet comes with an answer key.


The HEROES Math Facts Challenge
Where to Start:  We recommend starting at the first level for your child’s current grade level.  Print out one set.  Place a single sheet in front of your child face down. Tell your child, “This is a simple math minute.  I just want to see how many of these you can complete in one minute.  When I say, “Go,” turn the page over and begin.  Countdown the last 5 to 10 seconds aloud. 

Check your child’s answers. 

If your child finished the entire sheet correctly in one minute, you can move to the next level tomorrow.  Cut out the correlating GREEN  award and place it on your child’s sticker chart(download here). 

If your child either (1) did not finish the sheet or (2) had errors on the page, this is an appropriate starting place for your child.
Daily Practice: Choose no more than 3 math facts that your child skipped or answered incorrectly.  Work on memorizing these three math facts throughout the week using one of the activities listed here.  
Daily Challenge: Pick a consistent time each day to administer a math minute to your child.  Each set of math facts contains 6 math minutes plus an answer key.  Your child should complete one page each day.  Set a timer for 60 seconds.  If your child complete the entire math minute correctly in 60 seconds, place the correlating award on your child’s sticker chart. 

If your child does not earn all three awards for a level before finishing a set of math facts, download the next week’s set for the same level.  Each level has enough worksheets for 6 weeks.  
​How to Administer Awards:  When your child completes the entire math minute correctly in 60 seconds for the first time, place a red award on their sticker chart.   When your child completes the entire math minute correctly in 60 seconds for the second time, place an orange award on their sticker chart.   When your child completes the entire math minute correctly in 60 seconds for the third time, place a green award on their sticker chart.   
Moving to the Next Level: After your child earns the GREEN award for a level, move on to the next level and repeat the process.  Keep going until your child completes all of the levels. 


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