Recommended Reading for Advanced Readers

Parents should read “Picking the Perfect Book: A How To Guide” before using these reading lists with their children.

If your child’s reading comprehension skills have been evaluated in school, you can use this reading level conversion chart to find a grade equivalent or Lexile equivalent.  The algorithms used to assign reading levels to texts and students vary from one system to another; however, we can use any leveled system to get a general sense of a child’s reading skills.  At HEROES, we do not push students to read “by level,” nor do we limit student reading selections “by level.”  Instead, we encourage students to read high quality literature — and lots of it!  However, grouping books by general level (elementary, middle school, high school) provides students with a general sense of how challenging a text might be.  For more on reading level systems, read “Literacy from Birth to Adulthood: Assessing, Tracking, and Encouraging.”

These book lists are carefully curated by Miss Danielle.  Book lists are designed for high performing gifted students — students reading significantly above grade level.   If a book may not be appropriate for a younger audience, it will be flagged as such.  Lists based on other books, such as the Hunger Games, contain books that are at a similar, or lower maturity level.

If you have an advanced reader at home, they will love taking a class with Miss Danielle.  Miss Danielle teaches accelerated language arts classes for gifted and high achieving students at HEROES Academy.  Check it out.  

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