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What are gifted and talented enrichment programs?

Enrichment programs for gifted and talented students are either pull-out programs at school, after-school programs, or weekend programs at private facilities.


Most public and private schools offer a gifted and talented enrichment program that either pulls students out of class for select class periods or meets after-school.  Enrichment programs focus on exposing students to topics not normally covered in school.  They can serve as a great opportunity to socialize with other gifted and talented students too.  Enrichment programs typically don’t provide the opportunity to accelerate through the standard curriculum; they serve as an “add-on” to a gifted child’s education — they enrich your child’s education by exposing them to other subjects and experiences.


You may also find an education center near you that offers enrichment classes for gifted and talented students.  This may include robotics, engineering, competitive math, science, art programs, and more.  

The qualification method and criteria for these gifted and talented programs vary by school and program.  For more information on identification of gifted and talented students, click here.

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