Identification of Gifted Children

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Is my child gifted? A Guide to Identification

Do you suspect your child might be gifted?  It’s been racking your brain.  Perhaps a teacher or a relative has mentioned how advanced your child is.  Perhaps you’ve notice that your child’s hitting milestones far before their peers.  Perhaps you just know that they’re different.  So, you think your child is gifted, but now what?  Here are some tips for getting started.

How to "Test" For Giftedness

Programs for gifted and talented students use various different measures to identify gifted and talented students.  Each identification process is designed to work with the program’s goals and needs. The identification process usually includes one or more of the following: ability testing, achievement testing, letters of recommendation from teachers, letters of recommendation from parents, portfolio assessments, and more.  

Should I tell my child that (s)he is gifted?

To tell or not to tell, that is the question.  Will telling your child make them arrogant?  Will it confuse them?  Will it help them better understand who they are?  How will this news affect their siblings?  

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